With over two decades of coaching women and girls, along with extensive training in pastoral care at Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry, Dr. Michelle Majors specializes in two key areas of counseling:

Women who are transitioning through break-ups and relationship issues or struggles.


Areas of Expertise and Focus: 

  • ​Better handle the stress and anxiety of moving on

  • Address the core issues that caused the break-up and ongoing suffering

  • Deal with the anger, grief and sadness that grip day-to-day experiences

  • Begin to put the pieces in place to create a new future

Girls and young women of color who are dealing with issues related to self-esteem, focus, interpersonal dynamics and confidence.


Areas of Expertise and Focus: 

  • ​Creating safety, connection and allyshiptthat allow young women to open up and share what they can't share with parents

  • Unpacking and exploring their pain and anger

  • Bullying - either being the bully or being bullied by another

  • Sexual behavior, identity and curiosity

Packages and Rates

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