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healing, together

What is a Sister Circle?

Going through a traumatic breakup or divorce is one of the most difficult, painful things any of us experience. One of the hardest parts is the feeling of isolation many people going through bad breakups feel.


Whether you’re currently going through a breakup or are trying to regain confidence and clarity after a relationship ended years ago, this group provides compassionate support that helps you move forward in all areas of your life. Every week you can connect with Dr. Michelle Majors, a skilled breakup recovery coach and a supportive group of women who really get what you’re going through. You’ll have the opportunity to talk through challenging feelings, get support and advice from your group, and expert guidance to help you heal.


Let's just be clear

While this group was designed to support women through their breakup recovery, what we know is that break ups have a way of exposing our beliefs about our: ​

  • Values/self esteem/worthiness

  • Internal perceptions & beliefs

  • Finances

  • Bodies

  • Deep anger/resentments

  • Past abuse

  • Shame/Guilt

  • And of course… EGO!

So, our circles are suitable for women looking to explore any of the above areas. Essentially, we are all about connection, transformation and empowerment by:

  • Allowing women the time and space to connect and just be

  • Creating a space to hear and be heard

  • Allowing us to be vulnerable, raw and free

  • Leading us to self-understanding, compassion and deep healing of past wounds

Recognizing that Black women have very distinct experiences and journeys, we offer TWO sister Circles:



*Dr. Majors provides one-on-one coaching for ALL women going through a painful breakup.



Currently there are two circles to choose from:

  • Every Tuesday - 6:00p - 7:30p (Central or North Seattle - location TBA)

  • Every Thursday - 6:00p - 7:30p (Urban League of Seattle - 105 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122)

Cost: $159 per month (in order to protect the sanctity, stability and safety of the groups, no drop-in options are available for circles. Must start at the beginning of each month)

*Under rare and special circumstances, sliding scales are available.